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   Relocating Your Office? Use These Tips to Get Ready [02/05/18 02:33PM]   
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Thoroughly Clean Out the Office

It isnít something anyone likes doing but in the grand scheme of things, it can be incredibly beneficial. You need to use this opportunity to donate or sell any equipment or furniture that you donít need. Look in the cupboards for old modems or phones that arenít used anymore. Either donate them to a charitable organization or trade them for new supplies. Selling the old stuff can not only generate extra cash for your move but will also reduce the packing volume. It is a good idea to get the equipment and furniture cleaned at this point so that you can start afresh in the new office.

Donít Delay the Hiring of an Office Removalist

Book a removalist well in advance for you move after having cleaned out the old office. Completing this task early on will help you in telling your customers the exact dates for the move and the time frame for the resumption of your operations. Convert the move into a promotional event by sharing videos of the move with the customers. Clients can become seriously annoyed if they are greeted by a sign saying ďsorry weíve movedĒ. By not delaying the hiring of the removalist, you can time your move in a better manner, inform your customers in advance, have time to perfect the design of your new office and create a budget for the moving costs.  

Hire the Right Moving Company

Ask your moving company about the strategies they use when relocating businesses in addition to their price structure. Get answers for questions like guarantees for timely completion of a large moving operation and handling of expensive IT equipment and heavy furniture items. Moving companies offer deals which might be suitable for your situation. Also, go over the terms and conditions multiple times and make sure that the removalist has the necessary insurances.

Should You Do the Packing Yourself

Packing items yourself is definitely cost-effective but it can consume a lot of your precious time. While you can ask your staff to help out in the packing process, you will have to compensate them for this additional work. So, why not hire professionals to do it in the right manner. This way you can get your staff to get your new location ready and update the new address on all your business essentials. Everything from the signage, email signatures, promotional items and brochures to the letterheads, business cards, social media, online directories, partner website and your official website have to be updated with the new address.

Packing Is a Messy Affair

It is better to refrain from arranging client meetings during the moving process especially if the packing is being done by yourself. Usually clients might not complain and understand your situation but you shouldnít be taking this chance. If scheduling a meeting is inevitable, choose a different location for it or give them a tour of your new facility.

When it comes to packing IT equipment, it is best to leave the packing duties to a professional IT company. They will be better equipped to have everything in working order at your new space. It is important to have the necessary insurances as well. Refrain from sorting the different cords, leads and cables yourself as you might damage them in trying to pack them yourself.

Early Transportation of Essentials

To make sure that your customers can remain in touch with you, redirect all your business calls to your mobile. Moving the essential items of your office to your new space early on can help you in quickly restarting your officeís core operations. Consult with your removalist regarding the most suitable strategy for your office move. A professional removalist knows about the complexities involved in office relocations and can lower your anxiety and make your staff feel more at ease. Moreover, it can also save money and time in the long-term too.

Deciding Whether to Relocate or Not?

Relocation is a massive task and definitely not an easy decision to make for a company. Whether your workplace needs a design update or there is need for downsizing or upsizing of office space, just thinking about the move can cause you to panic. However, if the move is out of necessity then you should go through with it. You can make the relocation an easier proposition if you plan everything out in advance and hire a professional removalist for managing the move. Change can be good and help in getting the staff excited. It can improve the morale of the staff and bring some freshness to the workplace environment.




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